Spring is in the air

Spring is now upon us, but so is the weather that goes with it. Just got the notification that the next track and field meet was changed due to rain in the

forecast. On the hunt for that perfect lens for outdoor sports, but also will be able to handle football in the fall. Looking at the Sony 100-400, the Sigma 100-400 or the Tamron 150-600, need some reach and thankfully the A7III can handle low light so it should be able to compensate for the higher apertures.

While it was interesting trying to capture a track meet at 50mm, that is not a good future proof option. I really enjoyed using the 150-600 Tamron that I rented, so I really want that reach back, the compression is really nice. I will also need that reach for baseball as well, can't get close enough to use a 50mm.

While sports are in full force, the car shows are also ramping up. It was nice to get out to Cars and Coffee Concord this weekend, even though it was raining. Might be able to make it to Cars and Coffee Charlotte in April due to hopefully moving our drill to the end of the month for our move at work.

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