Always Remember Why You Started

Always remember why you started the current journey you are on. Was it for yourself or for others? What do you hope to achieve at the end, always keep that goal clear, but remember it can be adjusted over time as you progress down the path.

I had a career advisement meeting this morning, my last one, in its current form because I hit 20 years in the military this month. From here out, I have to keep myself vital to the organization because every year I am up for selective retention.

Remember, always strive to better yourself and those around you so that you remain vital to what ever organization you are apart of. If you have bringing those up around you and striving for success, that will be noticed. But if you are always negative and staying to yourself, everyone will suffer and it will be noticed as well.

Be the best that you can be, always have short term and long term goals in your mind and whittle away at them and always add more.

Never forget why you started, if so, you will lose your reason for doing what you are doing.

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