Website Updates and Sessions

Been doing some small updates to the website to include a booking page and additions to the portfolio and client pages to show the new games that occurred.

Trying to figure out how to market my sessions and not price myself out of potential work. Doing a homecoming shoot for our friends on Saturday, can't wait to do that for them and see how they turn out. We will be doing it in downtown Concord, so it will be nice to see what locations we can ascertain as amazing backgrounds, depending on what they are wearing.

Still need to figure out a date for the Mother's of Fall fundraiser for Football that we need to do. Also need to see what other fundraisers that I can put into fruition.

Football season is winding down, 2 games left and then its a small break until Basketball season starts. Need to get my GFCrew name out there to get signups for basketball coverage and thankfully they are all on the same day, so its one long night instead of two a week.

Can't wait, more to come.

Reach out if you have any questions about anything.