Balancing military, side businesses, and family life can be a difficult juggling act, but with the right strategies and support it can be achieved. Military members of all ranks face unique challenges when it comes to managing their careers and family obligations. The constant deployments and demands on service members make it difficult to create a balanced schedule that fits their needs as well as those of their family. But with some creativity and planning, military families can make it work!

One way to tackle this challenge is by pursuing side business opportunities while in the military. A small business provides an additional income stream that can help cover bills or unexpected expenses during long deployments. It also allows service members to take ownership of their career paths without needing to leave active duty to start a business.

Building strong relationships with extended family is also important for military families looking for ways to balance work, deployment and parenting responsibilities. Finding alternative childcare options or affectionate relatives who are willing to lend a helping hand throughout the year can provide the flexible support needed for busy families. Utilizing local resources such as veteran-specific charities or programs within your base’s Morale & Welfare Recreation (MWR) facilities may also lead you to helpful services such as free childcare or counseling programs designed specifically for veterans and their families.

Finally, learning to set boundaries between home, work, and deployment lives should not be overlooked by service members seeking balance in all three areas. Designating specific “no-work” zones at home where emails are not checked and focusing solely on quality time with family is essential for maintaining mental health and reducing stress caused by inadequate time management skills. #militaryfamilies #sidebusiness

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