Finding Our Community in the Outer Banks

This past weekend, the West Cabarrus High School Wrestling team embarked on an exciting journey to Manteo High School for the renowned Redskin Duals, marking a significant moment in our season. Nestled in the picturesque Outer Banks, the event was more than just a competition; it was a testament to the incredible growth and spirit of our team.

Remarkable Achievement

Amidst the five formidable teams participating, our wrestlers shined, securing a proud 2nd place. This achievement isn’t just about the numbers; it’s a reflection of the dedication and hard work the team has put in as we approach the season’s end. With only a few matches left, this success is a morale booster, showcasing our potential for greatness.

A Supportive Community

One of the most heartwarming aspects of this journey has been the overwhelming support from the wrestling parent community. Contrasting sharply with the football parent community, these individuals exude positivity and encouragement. Their approach has created an environment where athletes feel genuinely supported, both on and off the mat. It’s a community we’re honored to be part of, a place where we’ve found our sense of belonging.

Brayden’s Journey in Wrestling

For Brayden, this season has been a journey of self-discovery and passion. Wrestling, a sport he’s grown to love, has become more than just a competition; it’s a part of his identity. As he prepares for his final season next year, we’re already looking at weight class changes and gym sessions. It’s a path we wish he had discovered earlier, but as they say, everything in its own time. Brayden’s choices have led him to where he needs to be.

Capturing the Moments

The Duals were not just about the matches. As a passionate photographer, I captured around 7,000 photos and numerous GoPro videos. Each frame is a story, a memory frozen in time, waiting to be relived. These visual narratives will be cherished reminders of our team’s journey and spirit.

Looking Ahead

With a tri-match tomorrow and an invitational this weekend, the excitement continues. Additionally, I’m gearing up to cover the Lake Norman vs. West Cabarrus basketball games. Balancing between the wrestling mats and the basketball court, I am eager to capture more moments, more stories, and more victories.

In Conclusion

As we reflect on our experience at the Redskin Duals, it’s clear that we’ve found much more than just a sport. We’ve discovered a community that resonates with our values, a team that grows stronger together, and a passion that drives us forward. Here’s to many more matches, victories, and memories! 🤼‍♂️🏆📸