Embarking on new adventures in the realm of photography is always a thrilling experience. Recently, I had the pleasure of completing my first senior photo sessions with two incredible individuals, TJ and Kennedy. The sessions exceeded all expectations, leaving me inspired and ready to dive into more portrait sessions. Let me share with you the memorable moments and valuable lessons from this milestone.

Capturing Authenticity:

From the moment TJ and Kennedy stepped in front of the camera, their vibrant personalities and unique style shone through. As we explored various locations, their natural chemistry and enthusiasm infused life into every shot. It was truly a joy to witness and capture their genuine smiles, laughter, and moments of reflection. The key takeaway from this experience was the importance of creating a comfortable and relaxed environment, allowing clients to express themselves freely.

Unleashing Creativity:

During the sessions, I experimented with different angles, lighting techniques, and compositions. TJ and Kennedy's openness to trying new poses and ideas sparked a sense of creativity within me. We explored urban backdrops, lush green parks, and even incorporated props that added an extra layer of depth to the photographs. This experience reinforced the power of collaboration and how it can lead to unexpected and captivating results.

Building Trust and Connection:

Establishing a connection with my subjects was crucial in creating an atmosphere of trust and authenticity. Before the sessions, I took the time to get to know TJ and Kennedy, understanding their passions, interests, and aspirations. This allowed me to tailor the sessions to their individual personalities, resulting in images that truly reflected their essence. Building rapport and showing genuine interest in their stories not only enhanced the experience but also fostered a sense of trust that translated into beautiful photographs.

Looking Ahead:

Completing my first senior photo sessions with TJ and Kennedy was an incredible journey. It has solidified my passion for portrait photography and has left me hungry for more. Armed with newfound knowledge and confidence, I am eager to embark on future projects, capturing the unique stories and personalities of even more incredible individuals.


The experience of completing my first senior photo sessions with TJ and Kennedy was a milestone in my photography journey. It was a reminder of the power of authenticity, creativity, and human connection. I am immensely grateful for the trust TJ and Kennedy placed in me, and the memorable moments we captured together. As I embark on future portrait sessions, I am excited to continue honing my skills, exploring new creative avenues, and creating lasting memories for my clients.